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Accounting and Fiscal Solutions


Through our dedicated team and their extensive knowledge of fiscal regulations and requirements we can offer you a very personal and dedicated package for the accounting of your Alojamento Local and personal taxation.  In addition we can offer support so you can meet your SEF requirements.

Fiscal Representives

"Pac4Portugal´s accounting services offers a great service, clear communication and provides confidence that I am fully complying with the Portuguese Tax laws."

Accounting Packages

We have a number of packages depending on your needs:


  • Personal one by one service

  • Dedicated fiscal representation through qualified accountants

  • Disclosure of regulatory requirements of Alojamento Local

  • Invoicing and Receipts for Alojamento Local

  • Direct contact with relevant banks, financas and local Camara on clients behalf

  • Monthly reporting

  • Notifications for when taxes are due such as payment of IMI tax

  • Annual IRS submission

  • Annual Alojamento Local Tax return

  • SEF notifications of rental clients

  • Quarterly IVA submission (if applicable)


There are many companies offering cheap accounting packages as solutions to your Alojamento Local fiscal needs, but they probably do not give you all the ins and outs, dedicated one on one time and most importantly accounting piece of mind.  


We have carefully chosen a company that offers you the right dedication to compliment the Pac4Portugal brand.  Our basic packages start from €550 (includes all of the above listed). 


Note that some accountants charge 25€ per client SEF submission and 40€ per quarter IVA submission.  If you have 10 clients through the season this would have been an additional 250€ plus 120€ for annual IVA, that would 370€ without even your IRS and AL returns.  There are also a number of companies that offer comparable accounting service for more money, but probably without the degree of "Personal Service".


"I have used Pac4Portugal Accounting Services for two years now.  Initially I was very worried regarding the process of tax and payments in Portugal; They explained the process clearly and gave me instructions on how to present the data to them on a regular basis. I followed their instructions providing data on a monthly basis. When it came time for my first years tax return I was surprised how simple it all was and how little tax I owed.  Pac4Portugal´s accounting services and I have continued to work together through my second tax year and once again its proved simple and straight forward"...a Licenced Villa Owner

"The service provided by Pac4Portugal Accounting Services has been excellent – I can’t recommend them highly enough.  


The process of setting up our AL was quick and went smoothly, with excellent communication.  In Portugal (especially if you don’t speak the language very well) the various administrative processes can seem daunting.  Their knowledge and efficiency has been a huge help to us in setting up and running our holiday letting.   It’s hard to imagine where you might find a more tailored service."...a Licenced Villa Owner



As part of our accounting and fiscal needs we also recognise that clients have insurance needs, whether for their house, health or car.  We are now able to put you in touch with a number of dedicated brokers to offer you the right packages at competitve rates


Pac4Portugal Insurance
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