Carvoeiro Noite Black & White

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Now regarded as the premier start of summer party in the Algarve and is a time for tourists and people who live and work in the area to enjoy a fantastic night of entertainment.

So what is it, well they shut a number of roads around the center of Carvoeiro and then set up around 9 stages in the town, with various entertainment for all to enjoy.  At midnight the beach becomes a giant dance floor for those who like electronic dance music, for the others there is usually another area with hits from 60s to 00s.


The evenings usually start around 20:00 and finishes around 03:00

Around 30,000 people join in

Dress code is Black & White. 

The experience is free

For those travelling from further away, there is a free shuttle bus with car parks in the Fatacil area.

Below are the remaining villas we have available on and around 19 June 2021 - yet TBC

Casa Altojo (Sleeps 6)

3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms

Private Pool, A/C, WiFi,

Stylish and Spacious 

Available June 2021

Casa Birgitta Pool2.jpg
Casa Birgitta (Sleeps 6)

3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms

Private pool, WiFi,

Stunning Sea views 

Available June 2021

Casa Comprida pool.jpg
Casa Comprida (Sleeps 8)

4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms

Private heatable pool, A/C, WiFi,


From 5 June 2021

Pac4Portugal - Casa Vista Alta Outside p
Casa Alta Vista (Sleeps 8)

4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms

Private heatable pool, A/C, WiFi

19 - 26 June 2021

Casa Vista Mar outdoor pool.jpg
Casa Vista Mar (Sleeps 8)

4 bedroom, 4 bathrooms

Private heatable Pool, A/C, WiFi,

12 mins walk to Carvoeiro  

Available June 2020

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