Lagoa District Beaches

Ferragudo to Carvoeiro to Senhora da Rocha

The Lagoa camera (district) has one of the highest density of beaches/coves in the Algarve and maybe in Portugal, some 30+.  Not all these beaches are accessible by foot, some only by boat, many are dependent on the tides and even some of those accessible by foot have some level of difficulty.


Promoting the area and Portugal is not only a job for us but also a passion as many of clients recognise and below we would like to share as many of the 30+ beaches/coves in the Lagao district as possible.  These start from Ferragudo in the west, passing through Carvoeiro and finish in Senhora da Rocha in the east of the district


Please note that the exact names of some of the beaches may differ and we will correct when we have the exact information (Details supplied by 3rd parties. Beaches may change with coastal errosion)



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