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Carvoeiro Renovations

Whether you have a villa or an apartment in the Carvoeiro and Silves areas, we may be to help with your renovations.  We have an experienced renovations team at Pac4Portugal offering you a high quality product at competitive prices coupled with a wealth of knowledge.  We are continually approached from two sets of clients for our work as our reputation continues to grow.


Clients who have had an older property for a number of years and now wish to invest in it, whether due to structural problems, upgrades of out dated pipe work, ground movements on outside terraces, leaking swimming pools. Or


With a lack of land to build in the Carvoeiro are many clients who are looking to purchase an older property and bring it up to standard

Villa Renovations Carvoeiro
Stone Cladding Carvoeiro Villa
Window replacement Carvoeiro Apartment

Casa Altojo Renovations

Casa Altojo like many older properties was in need of a refresh and some renovations.  The first two stages in 2016 have been a renovated pool and secondly exterior painting and stone cladding

Swimming Pool Renovations


Ground movements in Carvoeiro the Algarve are common.  Over time the shifts in the ground start to affect the swimming pool walls and swimming pool terraces, especially in those where the ground was built on under initial construction.


Casa Altojo was losing water from the swimming pool walls and the pool after 20 plus years was starting to look tired.  The owners decided to complete renovate the pool. 


We removed all the old tiles, removed the ladder steps, created new larger roman steps over existing ones, made new pool levels (not so deep) and then plastered, insulated, re-tiled and put new stone edging tiles.


Exterior Painting & Stone Clad Walls


As part of Casa Altojo refresh, the clients had the whole exterior of the villa repainted. 


But to give it more character they decided to stone clad certain walls as well build stone frames around the windows which were then painted a different colour to create a picture effect


Our stone cladding is a more natural effect and has the advantages that walls afterwards do not need repainting every few years.  We have a high demand for exterior road walls to be cladded as these need painting annually.   The effect of the stone adds to the value to the properties


The painting of the exterior included wall repairs, cleaning and two coats of 5 year paint. Clients can choose 10 year paint for extra premium.



Pac4Portugal Renovations
Monte Dourado
Apartment Renovations


The owners of 14 Monte Dourado decided it was time to upgrade the bathrooms, but soon changed the project into new floor tiles through out, new internal lighter doors and cases, new windows.


The shower and bathrooms were completely renovated with a more modern and spacious feel, while renovating the bathrooms, new pipe work was installed under the floors.


The property was completely retiled on the floors with larger more practical tiles.


The new aluminium windows and frames had the latest thermical cuts and efficiency for heat/cool retention.  Further more this client choose to have white internal frames and brown exterior (more expensive, but complex has restrictions on exterior colours.




Pac4Portugal Carvoeiro Construction

We have many projects completed and also booked in for the next few months.  If you have some ideas to renovate your property, contact us to discuss further and start moving your project forward.

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