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Off Plan Carvoeiro and Silves areas

Pac4Portugal is a brand building its name on “Personal Service, Local Knowledge” and brings together the expertise of two companies to offer quality property products, whether rentals, management, construction or real estate.  




Once you take the first steps to owning your first/next property in the Algarve it is important to meet us to start the relationship and for us to start showing you the options.  You may be considering buying an older property and then doing it up, this is definitely one option, especially in the Carvoeiro area as building land is now in short supply.  However, properties 20 years old and more will probably need new pipes, floors, walls, electrics etc, which means full renovations that on 3 or 4 bedroom villas usually costs around 100,000€ - 300,000€.  Which if you are already spending 600,000€ – 900,000€ on the property considerable brings the costs up. 

If you are looking for a second home or property rental investment then we have a number of solutions that may suit you:-


Real Estate – buying something already constructed


Bespoke Construction – us or you sourcing the land and us constructing your dream home


Offering you contemporary villas to buy/for sale in Carvoeiro, Silves and the Algarve.  Off Plan projects and Turnkey villas, Carvoeiro, Silves, Algarve, available to buy/for sale.  Working direct with the constructor to build your next rental investment or dream villa. 

In addition once you own the property we can then continue our relationship with you as owners through our property management and property rentals.  This should also give you assurances that we are not just trying to make a quick euro out of you and then once you have the keys turn our backs on you.


Our property portfolios cover the areas of Carvoeiro and Silves, whether central to the towns or more in the countryside.

Off Plan FAQs

Basics, design, build

The Basics, The Design and Build Details

Off Plan work?


At Pac4Portugal you are dealing direct with the builder/developer so there is no endless chain of middle people.  We have a network of professionals (architects, lawyers, accountants), as well as our recommended bank for finance or just banking.

How does Turnkey work?
Offplan Villas design
Where to build your villa?


It is up to you to let us know what you want from your property as well as your budget so that we can advise the best possible areas

We specialise in two areas:

  • The Lagoa/Carvoeiro area which extends from Ferragudo to Carvoeiro central to Albandeira on the coast and Carvoeiro/Lagoa to Silves inland

  • The Silves area which extends from Odelouca valley to Silves central to east of Messines


Off Plan Villas Locations
Where to build your villa?
Do you provide the land?



We have our own portfolio of land in the above areas with planning for selected projects.  However with your parameters we can go and source the right piece of land for you or work with an existing plot of land you own.

  • Pac4Portugal land portfolio

  • Sourced land on your behalf

  • Working with land you already own

Do you provide land?
Off Plan Villas Plots
What can I build and how do I choose the design?



There are different categories of land and this affects how much sqm of build you can put on the plot.  We can advise you on this depending on the plot and its location


Our constructors have built over 400 villas in the last 25 years, so we have great portfolio of plans for you to see.  In particular there are two designs, one of 3 bedroom villa and one of 4 bedroom villa that have be used time and time again with a few client specific changes.


With our portfolio of plans and your ideas we can sit you down with our architects, who will help you visualise your next villa.


Furthermore we have a number of villas which we have built that we can show you which demonstrate the build and the finish.

What can I build/Design?
Planning Approval
What happens with planning approval?


Off Plan


We have a small selection of Off Plan (pre-approved projects) that are just awaiting building to start, or we have already started building ready to sell during construction or on completion. 

Awaiting Approval


If you ask us to source the land, it may have allow a building project but will need the project to be submitted to the local camera for final approval, as well as the numerous projects with the water, edp, telecoms etc that need approval before we start.


How long does it take to build?


We normally like between 12 and 14 months for the construction so that structure is allowed to dry and settle between stages.  The length of the build can be extended and structured around how you are financing it, if this makes it easier for you – this can all be discussed when we first meet.  Also we will feature your property on our construction page under WIP (Work in progress), this usually involves monthly photo updates and will be taking photos throughout your build so you can see.


How long does it take t build?
Offplan Villas Team
Interior/Exterior Finishes
Can I choose my own interior and exterior finishes?


You can either allow us to finish the villa similar to one we have already shown you or you may want more input yourself.  When we are finalising the plans and payment details we will give you a schedule which breaks down the amounts we have allowed for certain finishes. 


For example the tiles in the specific parts of the house will be given a value per square metre (sqm).   When we take you to choose the tiles, if you decide you want a tile that is more expensive, then you will have to pay the difference.  This also includes the white goods and the full furniture pack (part of the turnkey properties)


Will there be any additional costs with the build?


Each property package will have a breakdown of what is included, normally we put pre-installation for air conditioning and pool heating in place so that you can buy these as an extra during the build or after your first summer of renting.

We also like to be quite innovative in our builds and if we find materials that are better than our normal standard build we will contact you to see if you want these.  We will let you know the additional costs for these improvements.


Any additional build costs?
Off Plan Villas Extras
Will the plot be landscaped?


Normally our standard packages do not include landscaping, however we can help you with is and either build into your package or recommend landscaping companies.  If you plot has boundaries that you would like to be screened from neighbours, then once we have water onsite we can arrange for you to plant trees/oleanders along the boundary so that will be well established at the end of the build.


Off Plan Villas Landscaping
Do your arrange all the final documents and a warranty?


Once we have completed the build of your house we will arrange the connection to amenities (these all charge for this – but included in the package), arrange the habitation licence and the alojamento local licence – needed for renting.  We will need to arrange the contracts for you for the water, electricity and telephone/internet.  This means that the property is ready to rented or lived in when the final keys are handed over.


We offer a 5 year warranty on the build and if any third party appliances have been installed their individual guarantees will apply.

Docs and Warranty
Who will manage the property and help generate rental income?


For us at Pac4Portugal we can offer you a whole property package, what does this really mean to you?


All areas of our business are involved in your project from day 1 so that we can continue delivering you a quality personal service through construction, to aftercare day to day property management and work on your behalf as rental agents (if you choose to rent) to help maximise your investment.


Through our management team we will liaise with you and an accountant so that you can run your rental investment legally and the most effectively. 


The Numbers

The Important Numbers

At Pac4Portugal from our first meeting we offer you the best personal service we can.  For you to assess whether a second home or rental investment is affordable and the right choice for you, we like to give you as much information as we can.   The numbers is obviously very important to you and us.  Payment schedules can be tailor-made to each client to help you the best we can.

What are the expected legal costs and taxes?


When I buy my land/property are there anymore costs above that of the sale price/package. 


When you see buy a property/land for sale there are always extra legal costs and taxes to pay.  As a buyer you can expect to pay between 8.5% - 10.5% of the sale price in taxes and legal fees. 


Please note that when we tailor make you package we can help with these details.


What are the expected running costs?

Once we know the plot and design of the house, along with your specific requirements we can produce a spreadsheet as guideline to expected costs

What returns on investment can i expect?

We project that your return on investment (ROI) should be around 5% pa or more depending on size of the property, standard and location.  If you build, furnish and keep to the higher standards then ROI could be up to 10%.

Can I arrange finance/mortgage?


Is it possible to have a mortgage and we can introduce you to the bank ourselves and many of our customers use.  We have chosen a bank which is more like a national building society than big corporate bank – to help people feel more secure.

How much rental income can I achieve?


This is very similar to the running costs and in fact many of our rental calculations are initially based on your projected running costs.  To give you an idea even if were not considering renting, we project that the core months July/August should cover around 90% of your annual costs.  In addition the core 16 weeks from June to September should cover all your costs and make a profit.

Legal costs & Finance
Expenditure v Income
Return on Investment

After reading all of the above you feel that you want to discuss your options more and look to take the next steps towards your new property, then just:- 

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