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Top 13 Adventures in Carvoeiro, Portugal

Updated: May 21

Carvoeiro is a town in Algarve region in Portugal which is situated on the coastline of the Algarve – a true embodiment of what can be called the “real Algarve”. It is situated right in the middle of the Algarve coast and it demonstrates the main natural attributes as well as the rich historical traditions and a unique zest for life in a small and welcoming tourist region.

Carvoeiro is the right destination for anyone who loves the sun, anyone who dreams about adventure, or anybody who is interested in history. This article highlights best things you should do during your trip to Carvoeiro.

1. Visit Praia de Carvoeiro

The main beach of the town is known as the Praia do Carvoeiro and it can be considered as compulsory for every tourist to get here. The beach is curved in half, with rocky cliffs and is fairly sheltered from the wind making it ideal for sunbathing and swimming. The place also a perfect place because the water is so clean and not crowded for a swim and this place is served by several cafes or restaurants that offer you good food and drink.

2. Explore the Sea Cave

A small fishing village on the southern coast of the Algarve is known for its sea cave, which has become famous because of its beauty. The town is between two famous tourist spots, Praia do Carvoeiro and Armacão de Pêra. It's well-known for its pleasant summer weather, cave exploration, and boat trips from other places. People from all over the Algarve come to see the cave.

Benagil Cave
Benagil Cave

3. Secure Perimeter Around the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação.

Zone of protection around the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação. People in love with the history and ancient times will find it informative to make a tour to the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação situated on a small hill near Praia do Carvoeiro. It is a small but significant historical and military location complex built in the 17th century to protect the village from pirates.

The fort is partly reconstructed but has all the features that show how important it was to defend Carvoeiro many years ago. It also has a small chapel and beautiful coastline vistas in addition to the museum, which means it is worth visiting when you visit the village.

4. Wander through Carvoeiro Boardwalk

The Carvoeiro Boardwalk is pleasant and a great way to enjoy a long coastal view of the area’s beauty. This wooden path borders the cliffs from the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação to the Algar Seco cliffs. The boardwalk gives visitors clear visibility of the Atlantic Ocean, Sandy shores, and beaches of land filled with rough stones.

It is an ideal spot for a walk, especially in the evening. The information panels along the path offer exciting trivia about local wildlife or plants to help you learn something interesting while strolling.

5. Discover Algar Seco

Algar Seco
Algar Seco

Walking about ten from the town center, we can see the Algar Seco rock formations involving limestone cliffs and caves. This well-made trail passes along some of the most stunning coastal areas leading to Algar Seco. The unique rocks and sculpted bays will impress you after you arrive at the site; photographers should be advised to pack their cameras as this place is ideal for photography. The brave souls dare venture into the caves and ocean tide pools during low tide.

Benagil Sea Cave.
Benagil Sea Cave.

Another stunning site in the vicinity of Carvoeiro is Benagil Sea Cave, which is also referred to as the “Algar de Benagil.” This magnificent natural cave situated in the Algarve can be reached only by the sea and is one of the main attractions for tourists in the Algarve region. The interior of the cave is a large spacious cave with flaring roof that reveals a hole in the roof of the natural ceiling providing natural lighting within the cave. There are also several tour agencies that stage platform dives to ensure safety and excitement in the caves.

7. Take a Boat Trip

Carvoeiro is close to the ocean so there are a lot of opportunities to spend time among the water for water sports enthusiasts. There are many activities that tourists may enjoy such as diving, snorkeling on their trips on jet skis or parachute; parasailing. And those who are after some leisure and relaxation can choose the boat tour where they have the opportunity to explore the coast of the Algarve on a boat.

The majority of tours take tourists to the most inaccessible parts of beaches, caves and emerging fishing villages which is a full range of coloristic palette of area.

8. Sample Local Cuisine

The cuisine of Carvoeiro is an essential aspect of the city, and visiting it without tasting its food is a pity. From traditional plates from Portugal to dishes from all over the world, there's a restaurant in the village that specializes in any food you can think of.

Seafood lovers will have a field day, while others opt for fresh sardines, clams, and octopus; try 'cataplana' – an Algarve dish made of raw minced tomato and pepper cooked in a copper pot and filled with whatever the customer chooses: seafood. Take a bottle from the local house and drink it with the dish for a complete experience.

9. Play Golf at Vale do Milho

The Vale de Milho Golf Course is ideal for those interested in a round of golf because Carvoeiro is where it can be found. The hole is composed of nine holes and is specifically designed for golfers of all levels of expertise.

Naturally, the course was arranged in picturesque locations, including views of the Atlantic Ocean from several holes. The golf courses of Vale de Milho are great for both experienced and amateur golfers: The charming atmosphere and the beautiful light surroundings.

10. Explore Carvoeiro Market

To take a piece of Carvoeiro with you, purchasing carvoeira in markets and souvenir/handicraft shops all over Carvoeiro is possible. Indigenous fruits preserved through in-house production of jams, glass reading glasses, old-style hand-painted tiles, an array of locally made ceramics, or even a bottle of olive oil and honey – you will not have much trouble finding a souvenir to take back home from the Algarve.

The Carvoeiro market is another excellent farm market where you can purchase fresh vegetables and local products – it is open every Tuesday.

11. Attend a Local Festival 

Visiting Carvoeiro Town during one of its festivals is the best way to explore the culture here. The village organizes many fests and festivals at various times for different occasions, such as religious and art events. Perhaps the most prominent event is Carvoeiro Black & White Night, which is held every June, and the entire town turns into a disco with all the streets engaged in dancing and entertainment.

Carvoeiro Black & White Night
Carvoeiro Black & White Night

If it is dancing with the locals, everyone parties in a black and white dress, which complements the party's mood. Visiting a festival nearby might be the best choice for those who want to get to know the bright soul of Carvoeiro.

12. Discover Nearby Nature Trails

If someone likes nature and wants to see something interesting outside the town, Carvoeiro can provide excellent trails to explore nature and see the beauty of its landscapes. The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail is one of the most popular, with the stretch from Praia da Marinha to Praia de Vale Centeanes exciting. It is a spectacular trail that provides a beautiful view of the coast.

It takes the trail along the cliffs and beaches, with trees and other vegetation sheltering the trails from the sun and wind. We also recommend the Percurso dos Sete Vales Suspensos Trail, which provides a slightly shorter and no less dramatic exploration of the landscape and its geological features.

Carvoeiro is a magical place that sums up the Algarve – a fascinating history, beautiful landscape, and welcome. One can opt to relax on the gorgeous beaches or climb the breathtaking cliffs, taste mouth-watering food, or mingle with the locals, but if one visits Carvoeiro, it promises to be a cherished experience for the person. Hoist up a sail, see the sea, and sail on to the village of Carvoeiro, a fantastic little destination on the southern coast of Portugal.

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