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Landscaping & Calçada

We recognise that the design and quality of your outside spaces can be just as important as the internal ones.  As part of our construction and management team we can offer you quality professional landscaping and Calçada at very competitve rates.


Working closely with the clients to gather their ideas and needs, we are able to start by producing plans and 3D models to help clients visualise their project.  We are able to arrange landscaping for those with smaller budgets as well as impressive designs for the sky is the limit.  

Garden ideas
garden railway sleepers

Cerrinho Project

Looking for management and/or help promoting your rentals, then ask us at for more information, offering property owners quality with Personal Service and Local Knowledge.

We have 3 and 4 bedroom villas off plan/turnkey including land available in the Carvoeiro/Lagoa and Silves area with prices starting from around 450,000€. More Details

Great rental investment opportunities.  Even if you have not considered renting, think that in just 14 peak weeks you should pay all your annual bills and make profit!!

Birgitta Project


This villa had neglected gardens, with trees blocking light, causing damp to the walls, plants gone woody and hidden areas that needed exposing.  It was found like many gardeners, this one was spending their time watering in the summer and doing little gardening.  In addition as they were watering by hose, water was being wasted.


Small Budget 2,500€


We cleaned all the terraces and implemented a new irrigation system, created simple clean areas in front of the house, while pruning old hedge areas and planting new hedges.  In addition we fitted green fencing to screen the neighbours to give both parties privacy. 






Casa Grande Project

The Project

6 years after these clients had Casa Grande built they were finally able to have their 2000+sqm plot landscaped.  Their requirements were a low maintenance garden with  elements of home including an English style lawn and beds of roses, mixed with a contemporary feel of swirls, stones and a water feature.


Budget 24,500€






This large plot required a JCB to clear an overgrown neglected builders plot and help us shape the land.  We implemented an extensive new irrigation system, which using our experience delivers the right amount of water to different plants needs.


Using different styles of stone we created path areas and constrasts.  Along with a 70sqm English style lawn with its own dedicated irrigation system.


The owners picked their own plants mixing Portugal with their UK origins (a number of fruit trees including lemons perfect  for a G&T and cooking apples).  There is a good mixture of heights and plants to crawl along the floor. 


The final request from the owner was a small bedding plant area with the center piece of a water feature.

More Projects to Follow

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